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Take Proper Care of the Pigs in your Life

May 11, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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Tea Party Patriot and Republican groups are organizing and sponsoring “Petunia Pig Visits.”  Petunia (the giant pig) is the one doing the visiting. She recently stopped into the Josephine County Commissioner’s offices and she may be coming to Klamath County, too.

Don’t let that happen! – Vote NO on Tax levies. These levies promise to fund utopia with only one more fistful of our tax dollars.

Petunia eats well on government waste. She is actually quite a messy pig. She is more than happy to soak taxpayers with false hopes while lavishing them with decent sounding but, empty promises. Tax Levy proponents don’t promise any tangibles because they know they can’t. It’s always some vague public good, like “public safety”, or “well behaved children who know how to eat right and garden well”.

Klamath County, and all of Oregon, needs your help.

We need to put government on a diet. Obesity is now a national dilemma for the general population as well as our Federal, State and Local governments.

However, we can’t blame McDonalds for our over-grown government. It’s our own fault. We have continually allowed ourselves to be duped by an unelected politburo enthralled with its own lust for power and mesmerized by its own collectivist doctrines. Unless we say no to these parasites, the host will perish and so will American capitalism and the prosperity and freedom that it has fostered.

We need to say NO!

It’s going to be hard for Petunia to turn down all the junk and goodies – so we have to do it!  Tax-credits, subsidies and permanent operating District Levies are easy diggings.  A pig like Petunia won’t even get dirty rooting in the pockets of Klamath’s easy-going citizens but when we stand tough, the tearing canines and crushing back teeth will certainly make their marks. Pigs, as you may know, can be savage even on their own offspring.

Actually, a strict diet is the answer.

One of our Presidents from the early 60s saw the problem of obesity and started the “President’s Council on Physical Fitness.” Maybe it’s time to bring back some of his early ideas.

Tell Government :

  • Eat Properly:  If you’re full, stop. (Quit dreaming about 2007, when rich-and-gooey chocolate desserts were in abundance.)
  • Eat Properly: No Junk Food. (Sure, we have needs but program trimming is also needed – it’s like trimming hooves – only harder.)
  • Exercise: Walk, whenever possible. (Don’t wallow in your pigsty; clean up and get going.)
  • Weigh In: Be honest, open and accountable.

After all, even little piggies grow into enormous hogs. Take Care and don’t let that happen!

Don’t wait for Petunia to Fly – VOTE ‘NO’ on any Tax levies that are on your County’s Ballot.

If you’re in Klamath County, Vote NO on 18-100 and 18-101!

To read more about Petunia’s exploits visit her at

For more info on Klamath County’s 18-100, visit

For more info on Klamath County’s 18-101, visit


  1. I just came back from spending 16 days in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Staying at a beach front timeshare I came across many “beach vendors” selling everything under the sun. Their attitude was simple. If they didn’t work, they didn’t eat or feed their families. I asked one of the vendors this question…Why are so many Mexicans leaving the sunny climes Mexico and coming to the USA? His answer was simple…he said that they were either Cartel criminals, or people who learned that they can come to the USA and go immediately on welfare. I said, isn’t Mexico a somewhat Socialistic Country” The answer was yes, but everyone has to pull his or her own weight, unless they are disables or have some major infirmity. Interesting…here in Central Oregon on Highway 97, we see bus loads of Mexicans coming into and through Oregon. What will these people do for a living? Go on welfare, and if so, who or whom is going to pay for all of this free money? Going to Mexico was an eye opener. If we do not change the life of this present Government both in Salem and in Washington DC, we as a Nation will cease to exist.

  2. Bumper Sticker: Taxes + Bureaucrats = Poverty Your campaign about a PIG is good. It’s simple and should stick in people’s minds. Just back it up with facts and give the citizens an alternative that saves money. Show them the way out of our problem using the principles of Freedom. Book:The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver. It’s not a monetary problem it is a structural problem. Thanks for sending. Sincerely, Fred Starkey

  3. This week, NE Oregon, we are voting on a community college bond = loan levy. It is clear that a large portion of those leading the college “get out the vote campaign” are career public employees or elected public officials. It is clear that they figure that a vote against the “Bond” is a Vote Against the College. They cannot separate the two. They cannot even consider that many taxpayers and voters would question their conclusions on what is needed and what we, the taxpayers, can afford. Salaried gov’t employees do not connect their labor with the paycheck, nor do they worry about budgets. Keep up the Great Work!

  4. Dennis: Thanks for sending this info- I voted “NO” on 18-100. The ballot tittle was dubious at best because it was a question without any narrative/directive of implementation. After looking at their point paper I expected to see a directive to enact the plan that their point paper was created from. There was not any text beyond the question. Foolish on their part and it would be doubly foolish on my part to trust them. So far I still have trust for our commissioners and Sheriff. Although it is begining to look like were headed back to 2 Vs 1 with Tom being the lone dissenting voice. I noticed that Commissioner Bellet voted against the motion of the republican central committee to not support any property tax measure. Al

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