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Call me “Gramps!”

1 Comment Jul 27, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 1 Comment
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… and call Diane, “Granny”!

Please allow us to introduce our 1st Grandchild –  “Adelay Joy”

Our daughter, and her husband are blessed with the successful adoption of an adorable baby girl.  Once again, our lives will be filled with the love and laughter that these little ones bring.

For your viewing pleasure…  Here are some pictures from our refrigerator, bulletin board, and cell-phone background images:

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Judicial “Putsch”

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It turns out the Supreme Court has two buckets for holding ideas. One bucket holds the ideas they like and the other the things they don’t like. However, the two buckets aren’t labeled ‘Likes’ and ‘Dis-likes.’ Oddly enough, one bucket is labeled ‘Constitutional’ and the other is labeled ‘Unconstitutional.’

Can you guess which bucket carries which label?

In our nation’s past, the Supreme Court relied on evidence, facts and relevant testimony to determine how any piece of legislation might appropriately fit within its constitutional boundaries.

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Secrecy Breeds Corruption and Tyranny – Part I

1 Comment Jun 15, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 1 Comment
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Secrecy breeds corruption and tyranny, while openness and transparency breed Liberty. Especially in matters of governance.

Which would you prefer?

This is a simple question because it is a very straight-forward idea.

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Secrecy Breeds Corruption and Tyranny – Part II

1 Comment Jun 15, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 1 Comment
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As I mentioned in Part I,  the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP, Trade Deal) is a secretly engineered scheme that unashamedly supports centrally planned economies.

In this article, I have pulled an excerpt from the TPP which I will use to illustrate this globalist agenda. This portion highlights healthcare where pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and public health entities will be jockeying for positions at the public trough.

Given the poor performance and rising costs of Obamacare, what will happen when Congress allows the President (via the TPP) to wedge his insatiable bureaucrats deeper into your wallets and future health decisions.

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Stand Firm Against EPA’s Latest Tyrannical Designs

6 Comments May 27, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 6 Comments
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Last Wednesday, the Obama administration issued new rules defining the EPA’s  jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. These rules are supposedly aimed at protecting the nation’s drinking water. But, this isn’t really about drinking water. This is a classic case of federal over-reach.

The EPA’s definitions are a bureaucratic attempt at justifying federal intrusion into issues that belong to local and regional jurisdictional bodies.The complexity of the rules and minutiae associated with their definitions is supposed to be proof of their objectivity.

The story being spun by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is that “They really do care and their actions only highlight the depth of their concern.”

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Take Proper Care of the Pigs in your Life

4 Comments May 11, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 4 Comments
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Tea Party Patriot and Republican groups are organizing and sponsoring “Petunia Pig Visits.”  Petunia (the giant pig) is the one doing the visiting. She recently stopped into the Josephine County Commissioner’s offices and she may be coming to Klamath County, too.

Don’t let that happen! – Vote NO on Tax levies. These levies promise to fund utopia with only one more fistful of our tax dollars.

Petunia eats well on government waste. She is actually quite a messy pig. She is more than happy to soak taxpayers with false hopes while lavishing them with decent sounding but, empty promises. Tax Levy proponents don’t promise any tangibles because they know they can’t. It’s always some vague public good, like “public safety”, or “well behaved children who know how to eat right and garden well”.

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Oregon’s Gun Grabbers Strain Reality

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Oregon’s Gun Grabbers Strain Reality

The most insidious part of  Oregon’s SB 941 is that it is designed to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Illegal or criminal gun transfers and/or purchases are not happening amongst law-abiding citizens. This is disingenuous and farcical at best and down right evil at its worst.

Call or write these folks to tell them “NO on SB 941”

“NO on SB 941”

Rep Paul Evans 503-986-1420 [email protected]
Rep Brent Barton 503-986-1440 [email protected]
Rep Deborah Boone 503-986-1432 [email protected]
Rep Brian Clem 503-986-1421 [email protected]
Rep Betty Komp 503-986-1422 [email protected]
Rep Caddy McKeown 503-986-1409 [email protected]

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Federal Over-reach Damages Us

4 Comments Apr 20, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 4 Comments
Categories: Economy, Natural Resources, Politics

The Federal Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) and Secure Rural Schools (SRS) payment schemes are not in the best long-term interests of Oregon’s citizens. I have attended countless budget meetings where hard-working folks strive to manage their limited resources. However, the hard-truth is that relying on these monies will only place us on the same street corner next year, with the same cardboard sign, asking once again, “Please, Sir, More…”

All of these federal disbursement models are outdated, whimsically amended, and hobbled by bureaucratic ineptitude. They are built on a mishmash of legislative actions from self-interested parties that are forged deep within the marbled halls of our nation’s distant capital. Worse yet, most federal actions are rank with either executive or legislative over-reach or pregnant with deplorable raids on the US Treasury.

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Wonderful Satire – Travel back to the trials of life in 1903

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Rare Original Letter from 1903

Originally Posted on April 10, 2015 by Dani

(Seeing as how this column (5 reasons marriage doesn’t work anymore) has become quite popular lately, I thought it was fitting to share this similar concern from a distressed gentleman in 1903, written to the New-York Tribune in a fit of distress.)

(Not really, this is my satire. But you get it… don’t you?)   –  Dani

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Consensus is Not Truth

1 Comment Mar 20, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 1 Comment
Categories: Economy, Regulations, Natural Resources
The Consensus Agenda

Today’s regulatory enterprise is following the same pattern as Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman during the American Civil War.  Sherman’s strategy was to gather livestock and crop production data from the Federal Census of 1860 to effectively lead his troops through areas where his army could do the most damage. Today, the EPA, USFS, USGS, NOAA, BOR, FWS, BLM and IRS are following the same pattern.

They are amassing enormous volumes of data which enables them to push their agenda driven preferences onto the American scene. The problem isn’t the data collection per se. The problem is the agenda driven data interpretation which happens in the secret recesses of their bureaucracies.

The data being stockpiled and the interpretations being propagated are uniquely prejudiced. Isolated results are paired with faulty scientific modeling and rigged with invalid assumptions which has led to the advancement of consensus as truth.

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