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Jul 7, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum 3 Comments
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How was your Independence Day Celebration?

You probably never gave a thought to Hillary’s crimes, the $19 trillion dollar national debt, local unemployment, the unbridled money printing schemes of the Federal Reserve, the bad science and policy oozing from every corner of the federal bureaucracy or whether your conversations were being recorded – Good for you!

Our day was full of fun and festivities. It included family, friends and friends of friends.  Our celebration, like America’s in general, was sidetracked by other details – the parade, decorations, food and drink, who picked up the sparklers, where’s the best fireworks show?

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Politically Mandated Punishments

Feb 11, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum 8 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

The idea of government in America had a glorious beginning. America’s foundational concept was that men, by right, ought to be free. Self-governance was the goal. Centralized forms of government should be pre-determined and limited. The original 13 colonies developed a compact to serve certain, specified national interests.

The main interest of that federal compact was to secure individual rights. The rights of the individual are foundational, eternal and set the stage for our nation’s premiere document–The Declaration of Independence.

These rights are self-evident endowments from our Creator. They carry enormous weight because all men are created equal. Five unalienable rights are identified:

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Absolute Power is not Easily Tamed

Jan 28, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum 22 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

Absolute power is not easily tamed.  This is apparent when contemplating the life of LaVoy Finicum. 

Finicum was father to 11 children and a veritable host of grandchildren. He was a faithful defender of individual liberty and our constitutionally limited federal government.  Finicum was killed during a confrontation with FBI and state police on a lonely stretch of highway between Burns and John Day, last Tuesday.

The current information black-out is troubling because we are purposefully kept in the dark and find ourselves trapped in the web of manufactured information.  The best way to quell the clamor about the unjustified taking of an innocent human life is to show the public the contrary evidence.  We see daily video of drone strikes in Syria and police stops in Tallahassee, are you telling me the FBI doesn’t own any video-cams?

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A Warning to the West

Jan 20, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum 4 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

The Gulag

In, The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn recounts his first-hand experiences  of life under the iron fist of a 20th Century government. His story records the thoroughly modernized tactics of a small, centralized group of authoritarians whose goal was total control of its own citizens. As Solzhenitsyn describes the lay of the land, we see it isn’t only about calling for tanks, guns and ground troops but it also included the bureaucratic masses. As his story progresses, the bureaucratic regulators turn out to be some of the most unprincipled and perfidious weapons.

Under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, the administrative system of the state was enriched with resources and empowered with the facade of legality. The result was a multi-tentacled Russian monster that grew from its simple task of administrative enforcement to a full-fledged police state complete with surveillance and population management.

American Similarities

The political similarities embedded in our own nation’s growing surveillance state cannot be missed. Common-place  jurisdictional overreach, strangling regulatory regimes and unrelenting administrative takings all bear witness to unbalanced authoritarian rule.

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Making the Case in Harney County

Jan 11, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum 27 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources
Making the Case

We have all heard the phrase “Don’t make a Federal case out of it!” Have you ever thought about what this means?

It means, you can’t win against the feds – so don’t even think about it. It means you can’t fight the raw power, money and monopoly interests that the federal government has ruthlessly acquired. It means that none of us can ever raise enough money to battle the accumulated wealth (originating from our own pockets) that will be ushered against our cause.

Yet, the Hammonds and the Bundys are making headlines in Harney County, Oregon because they are doing just that. These families are the focal point of the media onslaught.

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Lump of coal?

Dec 30, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 1 Comment
Categories: Natural Resources

Merry Christmas America!

How do you like your lump of coal?

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Perverting the Plain Meaning

Dec 9, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 6 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

Language is an important tool of political control. In our modern Twitter-pated world where sound bites rule, words or labels do not have to be accurate. They are easily thrown about and can be applied to anything. The Twitter-narrative does not have to be accurate to be seen by millions.

Our modern technology has made it easier to spread spurious ideas around the globe. There is nothing new here. Samuel Adams, noted the same thing in 1776. He said, “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

This is why we see policies emanating from Federal agencies. i.e, BLM, EPA, USFS, Public Schools and Universities that appear confused, misaligned or contradictory. The words are being manipulated based upon their value as sound bites, not their adherence to truth.

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Spreading Through America’s Bloodstream

Nov 30, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 4 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

Last week, I drew a word picture about the outrageous growth of the federal government and its cadre of domineering agencies. I likened them to a bad case of acne. At issue was the BLM’s charges against members of the Hammond family who are facing sentencing under Bill Clinton’s Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.

Some people thought the word picture was too disgusting. I actually don’t think it was strong enough. After all, most of us outgrew our teenage acne problems. So my comparison makes it seem as though these agencies aren’t that bad because we all survived our adolescent bouts with acne.

It turns out acne does’t invoke the powerful imagery that is necessary to illustrate the fatal nature of these tyrannical bureaucracies. Acne is not terminal and is nothing like the plague, small pox or Ebola. Today’s federal intrusions are more serious, more akin to a metastasizing cancer.

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BLM v Hammond – A Blind Pimple Or Worse?

Nov 23, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 6 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

As eMails fly around the Web supporting the Hammond family, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) shows a striking resemblance to a bad case of acne. My suggestion is that the BLM needs a thorough scrubbing.

A blind pimple is a red, painful, raised area that does not yet show the soft white head of a facial Vesuvius which is about to explode.  Pimples are caused by overactive glands which are producing excess oil. When the skin’s pores become clogged, the debris builds and pimples form.

On one’s face the results are quite common, although extremely frustrating.

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Another Side of Beef?

Oct 31, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum 5 Comments
Categories: Natural Resources

Special interest lobbyists across America have essentially gutted our Republic. They have become so adept at picking through the bones of our public treasury that they behave more like ravenous wolves than Sons of Liberty.

Yesterday’s House budget deal, delivered by the new Speaker Paul Ryan is nothing but a John Boehner organized Republican blessing on all of Obama’s artful designs. This budget deal, like others over the past 20 years will ensure continual federal debt and deficits while driving the federal leviathan toward complete dysfunction.

Butchers at the Meat Mart

Politicians, in both parties, act more like butchers than representatives as they wield their tools. They specialize in separating the tender morsels of meat stock from the remainder of the carcass. Their self-serving promotional pieces and basic handouts look like the sections of a butchered beef cow.

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