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Government Bias Corrupts

Feb 25, 2016 — by: Dennis Linthicum
Categories: Culture, Economy, Politics

A recent link from Dennis Prager’s, Prager University Instagram account spawned some thoughts that are worth sharing.

In this 10 second teaser, Prager paints government as the rain cloud which provides the water for the land and crops. This quick graphic also shows roots springing up. The implication is that these roots are weeds, or the corrupt entanglements of crony-capitalism, rather than beneficial crops. [See complete video here]

Like the water cycle in our natural world, the rain water coming from Prager’s government cloud originates elsewhere. The question to be asked is, where does this bounty originate?

  • Does it come from only the richest reservoirs?
  • Does it originate from only the largest lakes and salty oceans?
  • Does it evaporate from our yards, lawns and tea-cups?

The rampant socialism flooding through Washington, DC and our state capital (Salem, OR) promotes the idea that only the wealthy will pay the burden. Yet, we all know that while large lakes release enormous volumes of water vapor they also have the capacity to capture equally large volumes of the returning rain.

By comparison your tea-cup doesn’t have much capacity.

The most insidious part of this equation is that while government pretends neutrality, it is always biased. Government is always biased because it is made, “of the people, by the people and for the people.” People are biased–you and I, your senator, your representative, your governor and your president.

This is part of our humanness. We each have our own likes, dislikes, dreams and preferences. We have been gifted with our own natural tendencies, inclinations, skill-sets and wholesome individuality. This is not a bad thing.

This conforms nicely with our Founders love of individual liberty and natural law. They wrote extensively about everyone deserving fair and equal treatment under the law. Their era was filled with robust discussions regarding methods for ensuring equality through public participation and constitutional limits on power and authority.

Our constitutionally federated republic was designed to set people free and to constrain excessive government control.

Without Constitutional constraints on government, we face the naked possibility that “might makes right”.  We can witness this across the US, at every level of municipal, county, state and federal government. The most obvious examples surface in legislation for healthcare, minimum wage, solar and wind energy subsidies, climate change and education.

Former US congressman and budget director for the Reagan administration, David Stockman, insists that economic controls are nothing but a malignant cancer resulting from statist ideology and shameless pursuits for political power.

In Oregon, our raincloud has been loaded with highly combustible energy policies, restrictive gun-control measures and minimum wage boondoggles. Unfortunately, Oregonians will be paying the price for this destructive rain.

How can I make this claim?

It’s easy, follow the money. Look at whose cups are getting filled.

For example, with the minimum-wage, Democrats claim that higher prices and low wages are the two things crushing those earning minimum wage salaries. Do they think raising the minimum wage will lower prices? If prices do rise (to cover the increases in wages) will the poor be exempt from the new higher cost of a burger and fries? Does this solve the cost-of-living conundrum? How many low-wage earners will lose their jobs as businesses strive to control costs?

Additionally, for all the media time spent on social justice and wage-inequality, this legislation makes wage inequality the “Law of the Land.” The progressive voting block, centered in Portland, gets enormous wage increases compared to those elsewhere in the state. Why? What happened to the supposed concern for “equal pay for equal work?”

Portlanders, in the Governor’s “Showpiece” Tier will race to a mandated minimum hourly wage of $12.00, by 2018. While the “Peripheral” Oregon Tier will not receive that wage until 2020, and the poor folks on the “Frontier” won’t arrive in Nirvana until 2021.

This is not humanitarian equality, this is nothing but pandering and vote-seeking. Government gets the bounty while the lowest person on the totem-pole gets sacked.

Stockman documents in his book, The Triumph of Politics, “Public policy [is] not a high-minded nor even ideological endeavor, but simply a potpourri of private interests parading in governmental dress.”

Government cannot accomplish what it claims without 1) gathering resources, 2) feeding itself first (with 60% of the resources gathered), and 3), designating a special-interest group for the remainder. Yet, just like the rainfall, the moisture must come from somewhere.

These policies will not help Oregonians. These are gross misrepresentations masked in humanitarian language and masquerading as some glorious fount of governmental blessing.

“The fundamental source of all your errors, sophisms and false reasonings is a total ignorance of the natural rights of mankind. Were you once to become acquainted with these, you could never entertain a thought, that all men are not, by nature, entitled to [equality.]” —Alexander Hamilton, 1775

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  1. Dennis: Thanks for what you do! I cannot believe that our state government can have a controlling faction that can be so dumb. So many groups of people will be hurt by this action. The young just starting to work will suffer with a reduction of jobs as entry level jobs will be replaced by automation, as companies will try to reduce their labor costs so they can remain competitive and people can afford their products. Those who are on a fixed income such as Federal social security and others on various types of retirement programs at both state and federal levels, as the majority of these programs are in financial trouble. They can not increase their payouts to compensate for increases in services and goods that will have to happen. They only one who will win in this is both the state and federal governments since they will not adjust their tax brackets and the end result will be that we will pay more dollars in taxes.

  2. Rather than rail against the minimum wage why not say that we are against government setting the price for anything?

  3. So when did minimum wage become a family wage? What has happened to the entry level where employees actually learn to keep a schedule, work ethic, and being a responsible employee that actually has some worth? Washing trays at McDonald’s really isn’t a life-long vocation. Since we Frontier-dwellers will end up paying more for goods and services when visiting the non-Frontier, how about we reciprocate and place a surcharge on those from the ‘Showpiece’ and ‘Peripheral’ tiers? Sure, it would be hard to do, but maybe motels/hotels that capture zip codes could pull it off. We need less government: our free market economy no longer exists.

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