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Break the Monopoly!

Jan 28, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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School Choice has the power to undo the Left’s purposeful destruction of our Founder’s ideals.

The ideals of America were once well-known but aren’t any longer. My contention is this is not an accident.

This PatriotUpdate article describes our Founder’s world-view:

“It was a vision of self-government by free people who were willing to govern themselves so that government did not have to. It was a vision of personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets, and limited government. This is why liberals are rewriting history. None of these things comport with the left’s agenda of big government, burdensome regulations, entitlement, statism, and lifelong dependence.”

The current school choice dilemma originates from a very simple statist strategy for control.  They plead with heavy hearts for your children’s safety, future and prosperity, yet are destroying those very things through their policies. The bureaucracy is getting well-paid and they will get handsome retirement benefits while young graduates can’t find employment.

Compared to worldwide industrialized nation rankings America’s graduation rates are in the doldrums, reading skills are non-existent, and science and math acumen have drastically fallen. The progressive politicians identify the problem – they need more money, more time in class and tougher truancy laws.

The National Education Association’s (NEA) monopolist’s strategy is just like the Fed/IMF/ECB policy for Quantitative Easing (QE) we’ve been witnessing for the past several years. Government policy relies on transmission, traction, and time consistency. Stephen Roach explains,

The impact of those policies hinges on  the “three Ts” of any regulatory policy: transmission (the channels by which  policy impacts the target); traction (the responsiveness of the public to those policy actions); and time consistency (the unwavering credibility of the authorities’ promise to reach specified targets). In monetary policy these would be things like full employment and price stability.  In Education Policy it shows up with promises for higher graduation rates and better test scores.

Transmission is easy when there is an enormous monopoly that controls what gets transmitted – the curriculum.

Traction is also simplified because there is no meaningful resistance. The kids start in pre-school or at 5 years of age. They have no knowledge, no understanding of history and their young lives will be filled with absorbing the material that is presented.

Time-consistency is rock-solid. The shear number of years that a young captive spends in the chair all but ensures the thoroughness of the indoctrination.  In Oregon, Gov. Kitzhaber wants to add a couple more years to the overall scheme by including 0 through 20 years in the state’s education plan.  Kitzhaber says, “I am committed to securing more resources for education and making new investments in a zero-to-20 education system.”  This means he’ll be looking for more taxpayer funding.
No doubt, his policy goals will absorb enormous amounts of money aiming at a target that does not belong to the state but properly belongs to parents. I’m certain he simply wants to keep any nasty parents from ruining their own children’s futures.

Yet, this “fourth T” never gets mentioned – the Target.

What if the target is the wrong target?  What if the government entity has no business making these targets for our children. What can the bureaucrats in Washington, DC possibly know about your child’s individual talents, gifts, skills or preferences?  Can they possibly adjust the curriculum to meet your family’s goals?

If their goals were valid why is it that all of these economic resources have never struck the target? Not in math performance. Not in science , or reading assessment tests. Not in graduation rates. Not in college attendance or college graduates employment opportunities.


Monopolies produce two things, higher prices and inferior products.


Break the monopoly!

  1. Call your Federal Representatives
  2. Call your State Representatives
  3. Vote for pro-School Choice neighborhood school district board members
  4. Choose alternatives for your children
  5. Private school options are great
  6. Homeschooling opportunities are fantastic