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Call me “Gramps!”

Jul 27, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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… and call Diane, “Granny”!

Please allow us to introduce our 1st Grandchild –  “Adelay Joy”

Our daughter, and her husband are blessed with the successful adoption of an adorable baby girl.  Once again, our lives will be filled with the love and laughter that these little ones bring.

For your viewing pleasure…  Here are some pictures from our refrigerator, bulletin board, and cell-phone background images:

Thanks for your indulgence and I hope these pictures bring a smile to your face…

Blessings from Dennis & Diane

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  1. Congratulations gramps & Diane! Great news! And she’s beautiful! Blessings to your daughter, son in law and your entire family! Laura Turner

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