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Secrecy Breeds Corruption and Tyranny – Part I

Jun 15, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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Secrecy breeds corruption and tyranny, while openness and transparency breed Liberty. Especially in matters of governance.

Which would you prefer?

This is a simple question because it is a very straight-forward idea.

Give yourself this test:

Do you want Secrecy or Transparency, when…

  1. Reviewing car repair options with your mechanic?
  2. Discussing possible treatment options for cancer?
  3. Going over your taxes with your accountant?
  4. Buying a new home, car, laptop, loaf of bread or pound of beef?


Obviously, each of us values openness and transparency. Why then, is the American public so complacent about the secrecy imposed by the President, House and Senate when they are attempting to legislate far-reaching and corporately focused global trade agreements?

Americans have been purposefully kept in the dark regarding the multi-faceted impacts of the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP, Trade Deal).  The myriad of agreements falling under the TPP will impact all of the above mentioned items. Not only your purchases of bread, beer, and beef but also your car, cancer treatment options and the price of your mechanic.

The US House and Senate are complicit with the Obama Administration in these “routine” machinations of darkness at the federal level.

Last week, the US House passed (H.R. 644) the ‘Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015’’ as an amendment to a bill known and entitled – ‘’An Act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to permanently extend and expand the charitable deduction for contributions of food inventory.’’

Does this make sense? Let me try to summarize: The House passed an IRS bill about charitable tax deductions which magically gets an entirely new (236 page) amendment that is a separate Act of Congress.

Is this open, honest and forthright?

We have sent these men and women to Congress to protect our Liberties and America’s sovereignty above all else. Have they abandoned their oath of office and responsibility?  Be assured Congress is trampling our future.

With regard to the details of  TPP, there is actually little to no information available.  Julian Assange, founder and publisher of WikiLeaks, is trying to get the information discovered and published. He wants to raise $100,000 (through crowdsourcing) as a reward to anyone who reveals the entire TPP text (all twenty-nine chapters). Today, WikiLeaks has only five chapters online.

(Note: Don’t be afraid to read these documents. They are available online. Your web-browser may issue a “security warning” which will make you feel like you are doing something “unsafe” but this is part of the lie that liars tell.  The TPP information that is available will not destroy your laptop or shatter world peace. Instead, it may help stop the White House along with the cowards in Congress.)

We have heard this Administration brag that it is, “the most transparent and ethical administration in history,” then why the secrecy?    House Republicans are no better. Remember, in 2011, their own pledge was to “restore trust” by giving all Representatives and citizens at least three days to read bills before any votes would be taken.

In reality, transparency is not their goal, power is.

Openness and transparency are abhorrent to tyrants. Their power and corruption grows more readily under the cover of darkness and misinformation.  This is why, if you have written or called your Congressman asking for details about the TPP, the answer was cloaked in obscurity.

The Patriot Post reveals the depth of secrecy:

“[It’s] So secret that, even if you’re a member of Congress and want information, you have two choices: You can attend a classified briefing that requires you to leave your staff members and cell phone at the door, or you can amble down to the basement of Capitol Visitor Center for a read. Again, one’s cellphone must be surrendered. And only one section at a time is provided, with someone watching over you as you read. If you take any notes they must be surrendered prior to leaving. After you leave, you are forbidden to discuss any aspects of the bill in public.

“On the other hand, here’s a list of 605 “cleared” corporate insiders who have been granted access for some period of the nearly 10 years of negotiations on this pact that have been taking place. Insiders who represent pharmaceutical companies, Hollywood studios, Wall Street, car and oil companies, and other corporate interests.”

All this time you and I have been thinking of trade in terms of commodities like barley, beef and bananas or ,manufactured products like cell phones, cars and cameras.

The truth is these agreements are designed to harvest the rewards of American prosperity to further socialist economic pursuits. (See more in Part II)

Our founders had a different idea. They believed in limited government. Their focus was on lowering the burdensome nature of taxes while allowing citizens the liberty of engaging in free, open and prosperous markets. They believed in private enterprise from families like yours and mine. They lived and died fully invested in the defense of their grand experiment.

Good decision making is based upon an accurate assessment of the best available knowledge. This is a simple concept and it is easy to demand from Congress. The more we know and understand, the better our odds of making good choices.

We do this in our private affairs daily using every opportunity to negotiate the best deal. We use store coupons, attend Fabulous Friday sales, and return soda cans for nickels.  When it comes to public affairs we need to exercise the same diligence. The destruction of our national sovereignty and economic prowess is of greater importance.

“[I]f you are negligent or inattentive, the ambitious and despotic will entrap you in their toils, and bind you with the cord of power from which you, and your posterity, may never be freed.”   – Cato I, New York Journal,  September 27, 1787

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  1. I sent it on. This another agreement that will lower wages in the USA as we compete against slave labor. See Craig Paul Roberts Good Job.

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