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Secrecy Breeds Corruption and Tyranny – Part II

Jun 15, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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As I mentioned in Part I,  the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP, Trade Deal) is a secretly engineered scheme that unashamedly supports centrally planned economies.

In this article, I have pulled an excerpt from the TPP which I will use to illustrate this globalist agenda. This portion highlights healthcare where pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and public health entities will be jockeying for positions at the public trough.

Given the poor performance and rising costs of Obamacare, what will happen when Congress allows the President (via the TPP) to wedge his insatiable bureaucrats deeper into your wallets and future health decisions.

The following excerpt from the TPP showcases the socialistic tenor of the entire agreement. I chose this example to emphasize 1) a subtle call for universal amnesty, and 2) global pharmaceutical insiders don’t like the notion of transparency. (Neither does President Obama .  Below is an excerpt from Chapter 10, regarding pharmaceutical products and medical devices. (All annotations, mine)

The first bullet (#1 in red) is the nail in the coffin for opposition to universal amnesty. It paints a false picture of your individual health as a public good that is government’s a-priori commitment. The phrase, “for their nationals including citizens and the public” translates into “everyone, regardless.”  You and I, as citizens, are included but also included are illegal aliens, undocumented workers, and everybody else. In other words, everyone by “treaty” will gain access to entitlements at the public trough.

The second bullet (#2 in red) highlights the recommended striking of the word “transparent.” This is because some numbers (xx) of participants oppose that concept in favor of the idea of impartiality.  Meaning, in effect, they won’t be judgmental, but they want to remain secret!

The third bullet (#3 in red) is a strategically placed “or by” clause which digs a hole large enough to swallow the American Dream. The two ideas presented on either side of this “or by” clause are entirely incongruent. These ideas don’t even belong in the same class.

The first concept represents the American ideal – the notion of competitive markets. The second is a statist, collectivist, or socialist ideal – the desire for centralized control and management.  The language which says, “or by adopting or maintaining procedures that appropriately value” simply means that, “price controls are fine, as long as government maintains them.”

This ought to tell you what the Republicans in the House and Senate think of free-markets.

Apparently, neither House is worried about defending your rights to Life, Liberty and Property as Constitutional intentions mandate. They are more interested in catering to large-scale moneyed interests while placating the public with empty noise about helping Americans get “jobs.”

The two major political parties have fallen victim to a devastating worldview – Statism – the belief that only through government force and coercion can society function properly. They have come to believe that if they can get control of the steering wheel, gas pedal and radio buttons on the federal machinery the US will prosper.

Our founders had a different idea. They believed in limited government. Their focus was on lowering the burdensome nature of taxes while allowing citizens the liberty of engaging in free, open and prosperous markets. They believed in private enterprise from families like yours and mine. They were fully invested in defending their grand experiment with their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

Good decision making is based upon an accurate assessment of available knowledge. This is a simple concept and it is easy to demand from Congress.

The more we know and understand, the better our odds of making good choices. This happens when we purchase our cars, homes and daily bread.  In fact, “full disclosure” laws exist to help people become informed citizens so that they can participate in the marketplace. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was designed to allow citizens to participate in self-governance and to keep government in check. Yet, the Obama administration has set the record for censoring government files by denying access to nearly 50,000 requested documents.

Take pride in self-governance. Demand openness and full disclosure from the men and women who are serving on our behalf.

We must not allow this federally sponsored takeover of America’s open markets and prosperous industry under the cheap excuse that nations must compromise their traditions, principles and heritage in order to work together.

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  1. Hi Dennis. Really appreciate the info about TPP. Have been fighting TAA, TPA and TPP. Joined the Sentinel this winter and have been participating in their townhall calls weekly. I have called, emailed, written Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Greg Walden. Think Greg is my deepest disappointment, he is a traitor. None of them will tell you where they stand on ANYTHING. But, they are sure willing to ensure that you will be paying a larger tax rate next year and they will be enjoying a slightly larger paycheck. You have been right along, they have already sold us out! Why don’t they “play it straight” as Obama slammed Judge Roberts. Hope you are running. I am getting ready to wage war against Greg Walden. Dr. Monica Wehby is setting up a PAC. Don’t know if she will be running again. Keep us on your agenda. Don’t get out very much anymore, but we do stay up with you through the email

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