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Stand Firm Against EPA’s Latest Tyrannical Designs

May 27, 2015 — by: Dennis Linthicum
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Last Wednesday, the Obama administration issued new rules defining the EPA’s  jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. These rules are supposedly aimed at protecting the nation’s drinking water. But, this isn’t really about drinking water. This is a classic case of federal over-reach.

The EPA’s definitions are a bureaucratic attempt at justifying federal intrusion into issues that belong to local and regional jurisdictional bodies.The complexity of the rules and minutiae associated with their definitions is supposed to be proof of their objectivity.

The story being spun by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is that “They really do care and their actions only highlight the depth of their concern.”

In support of the EPA’s designs, the Army Corps of Engineers (another Federal Agency specializing in “carefully orchestrated over-reach”) has issued  documentation supporting the EPA’s schemes.

The Corps stated that the changes mark a “historic step for the protection of clean water” and would help roughly 117 million Americans who get drinking water from streams not clearly protected before these regulations.

Are you and I really going to fall for this fake emergency? Does the federal government  really think a full 33% of America’s entire population is drinking water that is unsafe? Is there any “real” danger here? Or, is this only another boogie man pulled from the statist’s closet?

Supposedly, the rule would clarify which smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands are covered by EPA’s anti-pollution and development provisions in the Clean Water Act.

Notice, the phrase “anti-pollution and development”. This is the key to the whole equation. The EPA is operating under a false understanding of stewardship. Their stewardship model links development directly with pollution and claims that the world would be better off with lower human populations and lower levels of human prosperity.

The EPA’s decree would unilaterally expand federal authority over all areas of water, whether for consumption or not. This would crush jobs in developing cities and metropolitan areas as they would be saddled with an onslaught of regulations, rules, paperwork, permits and filings. Additionally, these same issues would lead to losses in agricultural development and food production.

More than 30 governors and government leaders rejected the EPA’s water rule. Local leaders know better than any bureaucrats walking the marbled halls of Washington about local water conditions, uses, and needs.

North Dakota Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer said in a statement these regulations “trample on the rights of private property owners as well as local and state governments” and vowed to work with colleagues to overturn it.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, tried to deny the charges of tyrannical over-reach by stating “the rule will only affect waters that have a ‘direct and significant’ connection to larger bodies of water downstream that are already protected.”

Yet, contrary to McCarthy’s statements, the EPA has said 60 percent of the nation’s streams and waterways are vulnerable, and these regulations would only kick in, “if a business or landowner takes steps to pollute or destroy those waters.”

Now, that sounds like something that is at the top of every business person’s “To-Do List”, doesn’t it?

The collectivists, socialists and statists have gone crazy in Washington and they are mounting efforts to destroy the very Freedom that made America great.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., also disagreed with McCarthy’s innocent assessment of the EPA’s new rules. Inhofe said the rules make it “more important than ever for Congress to act.” He said the final rule allows the EPA to regulate isolated waters — even ponds in farmers’ fields — by declaring them a “regional water treasure.”

Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said his panel will try to force legislation which would require the EPA to withdraw and rewrite the rules this summer.

We need more conservative values in Congress. True representation should includes the voices of those who believe in Freedom and Liberty.

My recommendation is to Stand Firm Against the EPA’s Tyrannical Designs.

Stand Firm against any, and all, federal intrusions. Whether the EPA, TSA, IRS, USFS, FWS, BLM, NSA, DHS, BOR, NPS, USDT, DHHS, NLRB or any of the other more than 3500 federal organizations that are usurping authorities that rightfully belong to our state, and ourselves.

Remember, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”, Article Ten, United States Constitution


  1. thank you for your involvement and getting the word out. Hoping you might speak at one of our patriot meetings. As usual many of us are not aware of this situation. I am one of those folks who doesn’t trust anything this government tells us. So, if they say it’s good for us we better take a deeper look!

  2. I honestly believe there needs to be some serious conversation about sustainable clean water. But I think this is not the answer! First, this is private property. The federal government encroaches too much on the private citizen by putting restrictions on the very people who provide food. I believe in good common sense regulations but these organizations fail to pass the common sense test. I have been taught through generations of leadership that you never complain about something unless you have a solution or a suggestion. These organizations never have a viable solution only an action that adversely effects the citizens of this country. Their answer inevitably drives up the cost of our food and puts such restrictions on farmers and ranchers that cause them to no longer continue what they farming and ranching. It’s not rocket science to see what is going to happen if this continues. In rural areas here in Oregon the employment rates have not increased to a point that provides meaningful jobs that provide a living wage and families are still struggling. These restrictions will increase the cost of food and will burden these people the most. It is obvious that over zealous organizations such as the organizations you have listed are slowly strangling the American population in the name of protecting waterways, the environment, and people. These agencies need to be reined in. Instead they are forcing normal every day people into a situation where they can no longer survive, cause them to become outlaws or make it so difficult that their struggle is too significant to manage. I agree with Dennis. This needs to change immediately.

  3. Push it back, push it back, WAY BACK…………… EPA…IRS….NSA…TSA….CIA FBI…etc And you thought 4 letter words were profane!

  4. Every time we turn around we find the feds going after everything that is sacred or part of our lives. If they could find a way, they would control how much air we breath and tax us on that as well. This is major overreach. There is no Public interest in ones private property…..on the trees, shrubs and grass and flowers on my land…or water sitting on or running through My Taxed property. Feds ” YOU Pay My property tax….” if you do….then we may talk on how much ‘right’ you have to the trees, and water that God allows on my property.

  5. Love your addition problem. Definately not the answer common core would have come up with! there has to variables in there! So onto EPA. This sounds very close to the United Nations Agenda 21 “mission statement”. This is very scary and just another step forward to accomplish what the United Nations has planned.

  6. People please start researching geoengineering and then watch the skies. Without mention of this, these repeated articles about the EPA are meaningless. To hell with the EPA and BLM. Agenda 21 coming to a town near you soon.

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