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Today’s MUST DO

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Today, I have a MUST DO for you (and your posterity…)

I want to recommend a book that is a literal gold mine of history, ideas and strategies for Conservatives.

The book is TAKEOVER by Richard A. Viguerie.

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Inflation, Debt and Crumbling McMansions

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Fundamental Transformations

Tim McMahon identifies an important under-current in the progressive shape-shifting of words and their meanings.  Our post-modern era is littered with the constant barrage of changing ideas about our words and therefore, our history.

“Marriage” doesn’t mean what it used to, nor does “gender”, or “inflation.” In particular McMahon notes the confusion with words used to describe economic reality. For example, debt is now a good thing, although entirely contrary to old adage about “the borrower becoming the lender’s slave.”

McMahon writes, “between 1983 and 2000 the definition of inflation appears to have shifted from the cause to the result.”

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Last Night’s Pizza-box and your 2nd Amendment Rights

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Over-Stepping the Boundary Line

The anti-Federalists recognized the dangers of arbitrary,  capricious or whimsical actions by a nation’s ruling class. The anti-Federalists also understood that it didn’t matter if the ruling class was comprised of an individual like our US President, or a monarch like King George III. They knew danger could also arise from oligarchies, or democracies when  government oversteps it’s boundaries.

Over-stepping occurs constantly because of Republican traitors and Democratic idealists. The Democrats love big government and they are simply following their natural ideological bent.

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Break the Monopoly!

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School Choice has the power to undo the Left’s purposeful destruction of our Founder’s ideals.

The ideals of America were once well-known but aren’t any longer. My contention is this is not an accident.

This PatriotUpdate article describes our Founder’s world-view:

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Free to Choose? Yes or No?

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This week is School Choice Week

There is a ton to celebrate!

See articles:

My Podcast on School Choice

Books from our home to yours!

Read and recommended!

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Right to Life – Passing the Baton

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My thoughts in a Podcast regarding the “March for Life Rally” held in Klamath Falls last Thursday.

PS – Soon I’ll have a dedicated tab for Podcasts. This is just the beginning; I hope you enjoy listening!

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Praise for the Bill of Rights

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Today’s article will be quick and I’ll point out some historical facts about the anti-Federalist position during the Founding Era.

First, the anti-Federalists are responsible for bringing to us, what is commonly know as, The Bill of Rights. These first ten amendments to the constitution are the most important features of the modern constitution because they document the limits of government and highlight our individual rights.

The original constitution basically describes the machinery of the federal government. It gives details about how the various branches (legislative, judicial, and executive) were designed to mesh together. The original intent was to create a natural system of  checks and balances that would balance power within a representative republic. It was necessary to cement cooperative power within strict boundaries because the founders feared our human tendency for fickleness and fervent passions. They sought a balance which would hinder, “[m]en of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs.

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Iron Handed Despotism

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“Miserable is the lot of that people whose every concern
depends on the WILL and PLEASURE of their rulers.”

– Dissent of Pennsylvania Minority

In the article, Under the Guidance of an Arbitrary Government, I mentioned the anti-Federalists and I have received several questions about their ideas. Aside from, “Who are those guys?”, I received many questions about the motivations of the anti-Federalists, and their recommendations during the Constitutional convention of 1787.

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This morning every news outlet across America is priming the pump for President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union Address. It appears this administration believes hogs can get cleaned up with a good dose of statistical magic and some bright red lipstick.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz recently said that Obama’s upcoming schedule will be part of a “three week run-up” to the address that will “highlight the progress we have made in the economy.”

The State of the Union speech is scheduled  for January 20 on Capitol Hill.

What Schultz didn’t bother to tell us is that with the full $1.1 trillion dollar “CROmnibus” funding  in place the President’s agenda has much more than a speech planned. (Don’t forget to send your Thank You cards to Speaker Boehner and his traitorous minions.)

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Under the Guidance of an Arbitrary Government

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Biggest Upset in 100 Years

Matt Kibbe, of FreedomWorks, reported today that over 13,000 phone calls and 20,000 messages were received by the U.S. House encouraging House members to vote against Rep. Boehner for Speaker of the House.

In his correspondence Kibbe told supporters, “You more than doubled the number of Republicans standing up to Boehner when you got 25 Republicans to vote against the Speaker– the biggest number in 100 years.”

This is fantastic because these true representative heroes, (although, “defectors” from the elite Republican ruling class), stood on principle. They did not stand on personal gain, enhanced standing or promises for committee chair positions. They stood on principle!

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